Pet Rat Cage – best cheap rat cages

This was written by my daughter when she was about 10 – she has had a number of rat pets and knows her stuff.

Pet rat’s thrive on care and love. They should not be just put in a cage, fed, watered, and never pay attention to. Having said that, not everyone has the time to constantly play with their pet rats. This is why everyone should have a well-suited, comfortable, fun pet rat cage.

If you were thinking about the number of rats to buy, two or more should definitely be an option. Through self-experience I have found that one rat can get very lonely and you will need to give it lots more attention which not everyone has time for.

Note that some rats do start to fight if they are put in a cage that is too small. This is why you must have a large and cosy living space for your rats, a two-story cage is a good size. Consider buying  about 2 cubic feet or 0.06 cubic metres per rat when looking at pet rate cages.

You must be careful because it has been shown that cages with balconies and upper levels made of wire can cause bumblefoot (a foot infection from strained feet. I have found that the Super Pet My First Home for Critters is a really good idea because its large and comfortable for your rast, and all upper levels or balconies are made from flat plastic which will not hurt your rats feet as it gets older. It has a good setup.

Super Pet My First Home for Critters is a really good decision because it is one of the pet rat cages that are cheap, an Amazon bestseller and it makes the cleaning process a lot quicker. The wire makes it easier to wipe mess off and you can easily take off the bottom section while you clean the floor of the cage. This way the wire top section can be used as a smaller cage, for your rats to stay in, while the bottom half is being cleaned.

After you have cleaned the floor of the cage with water and some sort of cleaning solution (the cheapest is bicarbonate soda) you can re-bed the cage with kitty litter, newspaper or straw and pop them back in. Then while they are sleeping, sometime in the day, you can quickly wipe down the cage bars with a wet cloth.

As silly as it may sound, having a larger cage size actually makes it a lot easier to clean. Instead of having them enclosed in a small area, while you clean the cage you can have a large area, which makes it less likely for them to be scared when you clean their cage.

With a larger cage the bars are very easy to wipe down because you have a large space to do it and you rat can’t follow you everywhere thinking the cloth is food. Instead it will delight in exploring its newly cleaned cage and making itself comfortable in its cleaner environment.

Pet rat cages should be cleaned at least once a week, but the larger the cage, the longer the time between clean.


Thanks for reading my post – Ellen (11 years old)